Better Unemployment Compensation System (BUCS)

Claims Can Occur When You Least Expect Them

It can happen to you. Protect yourself from unforeseen unemployment claims and the budget instability that comes with them.

  • 30 teacher strikes converted to a lockout by court action resulting in a $120,000 claim
  • Lack of funding and enrollment closes tech school doors, causing a $75,000 claim
  • Support staff collects UC benefits while teachers on strike, causing a $180,000 claim
  • 12 teachers furloughed creating an $87,000 unemployment claim

These actual cases just reinforce that fact.  You need an experienced plan to protect your school board, school entity and you.


  • School pays only the claims incurred up to the designated maximum premium, with a benefit of three times the maximum premium or $1 million, whichever is lesser
  • BUCS assures participants of maximum amount to budget each year
  • Consult with entity as needed, including on site visits by Insurance Trust/Interstate Tax Service, Inc.
  • Make recommendations regarding which cases to appeal
  • File appeals on behalf of entity for all questionable cases – BUCS does the work
  • Representation provided at all hearings at no cost to entity
  • BUCS handles the bulk of the paperwork, Bureau mails documents directly to BUCS administrator (Interstate Tax Service, Inc.)
  • Legal representation provided to Commonwealth Court at no cost to entity
  • Interstate Tax Service, Inc. analyzes and audits all claims for accuracy
  • Overpayments are protested and appropriate credits obtained by the program
  • Provides seminars, newsletters and reports of changes in laws affecting unemployment compensation

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