Student Accident Insurance

When Only the Best Will Do

Make sure your students and athletes have solid accident insurance protection. Special Markets Insurance Consultants’ (SMIC) Student Accident program, endorsed by PSBA Insurance Trust, provides benefits for eligible medical expenses related to accidents that are sudden, unexpected and unforeseen which cause injury while the coverage is in effect, up to the plan maximum you select.  It also provides accidental death and dismemberment benefits.

You choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget.  You can even have a plan designed specifically for your district.

  • You can choose to cover all sports, no football or football only
  • You can choose to cover all athletes and students during all school supervised and sponsored activities
  • You can have eligible medical expenses covered for 100% of reasonable expenses*
  • You can choose a plan that limits the amount payable for each of the medical services covered
  • You can choose mandatory coverage, voluntary coverage or both

Benefits are paid on an excess basis. Additional eligible expenses will be payable only when they exceed the amounts paid by any other health care plan. In the event no other health insurance exists, eligible expenses will be covered on a primary basis up to the plan maximum.

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* There is a $5,000 maximum for physical therapy and a $10,000 maximum for heart or circulatory malfunction

For Student/Athlete Accident coverage options and details, see this brochure, or contact us.