Through your PSBA membership, you have access to comprehensive programs.

In addition, PSBA members can continue to receive high-quality insurance products and customer service through CM Regent Insurance Company. CM Regent Insurance Company and CM Regent Solutions, formerly School Boards Insurance Company and School Claims Services, are wholly owned subsidiaries of Church Mutual Insurance Company and are PSBA endorsed. By leveraging their parent company’s strengths and expertise, CM Regent Insurance Company and CM Regent Solutions will continue to provide protection choices to meet the unique needs of your school district, college or university.


Better Unemployment Compensation System (BUCS)

It can happen to you.  It’s a fact that one out of every ten BUCS participants exceed their stop-loss point every year.

  • 30 teacher strikes converted to a lockout by court action resulting in a $120,000 claim
  • Lack of funding and enrollment closes tech school doors, causing a $75,000 claim
  • Support staff collects UC benefits while teachers on strike, causing a $345,000 claim

These actual cases just reinforce that fact.  You need an experienced plan to protect your school board, school entity and you.

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Travel Accident

You are physically healthy, you work, you play, you take care of your family and are enjoying life.  But, if something were to happen to you, all your hard work – and everything you have – could be lost unless you have taken steps to protect yourself and your family.  Having adequate insurance coverage provides the protection you need to ensure that your family, your home and your finances will be protected. The Travel Accident programs are available to all elected or appointed school directors and district administrative employees through the Prudential Insurance Company.

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Volunteer Risk Management

Recognizing that accident insurance protecting school entity volunteers has not been readily available, PSBA Insurance Trust has developed this affordable program.  All unpaid volunteers are covered while providing services to your school entity.

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Student Accident Insurance

Make sure your students and athletes have solid accident insurance protection. This program provides benefits for eligible medical expenses related to accidents that are sudden, unexpected and unforeseen which cause injury while the coverage is in effect, up to the plan maximum you select.  It also provides accidental death and dismemberment benefits.

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